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Electronic for Personal Food Computer

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Signal Shield (I2C Bus)
SainSmart Sensor Shield v2 directly mounted on top of Arduino Mega 2560
reads from the multiple sensors of the system and send commands to the power board.

* PH Sensor Atlas Scientific
* EC Sensor Atlas Scientific (conductivity range of 5 μS/cm to 200,000 μS/cm)
* Temp & humidity Sensor (AM2315 – Encased I2C Temperature/Humidity Sensor), Waterproof DS18B20 Digital temperature sensor
* Air Cooler (A KippKitts cooling unit with 200W as the main chiller mechanism)
* CO2 Sensor (10,000ppm MH-Z16 NDIR CO2 Sensor with I2C/UART 5V/3.3V Interface for Arduino/Raspeberry Pi)
* Light Sensor (TSL2561 developed by Adafruit)

* Water level Sensor (LLE102000 sensor, 5 – 12 V/DC, offers an accurate resolution of ± 1 mm).
* Water temp Sensor (1-Wire interface DS18B29 sensor as the water temperature sensing unit. ± 0.5°C accuracy from -10°C to +85°C

Power board
A customized PCB board composed of MOSFETS & Relays electronic components was used for high power switching.
This board has a standard interface that can be controlled directly by the Arduino Mega 2560 board
* CO2 Solenoid
* Humidifier (Phtronics portable bottle cap air humidifier with bottle)
* DeHumidifier
* Water Pump (12V submersible circulation pump)
* Aerator
* Air Flow Control (A DC blower with rated current of 1 Amp and voltage of 12V)
Fresh air valve: A 1/2 inch DC12V motorized ball valve was selected in order to manage the
exchange of air between the growth chamber and its exterior environment.
* PH X2 Pump
* Nutrient Pump X2

Peristaltic Liquid Pumps: Five homecube 12V DC
peristaltic liquid pumps. Two of them are in charge of pumping the
pH solutions into the tub. Another two are
in charge of pumping the nutrients into the tub. Finally,
the remaining one is in charge of pumping fresh water
from the water reservoir.

* Air Heater (A 12V 150W electric ceramic thermostatic PTC heating element as the main heating element)
* Warter heater
* (Grow Lights)

Sensors and actuators:
The AM2315 sensor ( 2 ) was used as an air temperature
and humidity sensor. This sensor has a resolution
of 0.1 units for both relative humidity (%RH) and
temperature (°C). Its temperature sensing range is –
40 to 125°C with a humidity repeatability of 0.1
in %RH. These capabilities are sufficient to fulfill
and light ranges from up to 0.1 – 40000+ Lux, the
TSL2561 provides enough resolution to meet our
system’s specifications.

Two USB ELP 3.6mm Lens 5 Megapixel cameras
are used to obtain images from the plants and run
computer vision algorithms. The first one is located
at the top of the PFC ( 9 ). The second one is located
at the side of the box ( 10 ).

Power Supply:
A 500W power supply unit is in
charge of powering the whole system.